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We are dedicated to inspiring professionally-minded men and women across the globe. We offer comprehensive leadership and executive development programs, plus workshops, individual courses and individual coaching services. 

What differentiates Marsha Clark is the combination of executive level line and staff experience, as well as a Masters of Science in Organizational Development as well as ever-evolving research and literature. 

What distinguishes her offerings is the mixture and balance between classroom instructions, coaching, exercises, assessments and tools delivered by a team of experts.

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A White Paper published by Marsha that provides guidance as we lead through these unprecedented times.

executive presence for today

 A White Paper published by Marsha on how to develop an executive presence on video conferencing interactions.


Amanda shares her experince.

Christina shares her experience.

Shaunna shares her experience. 

"The PoS experience - what can I say. I am still riding the wave of the momentum that POS created in my life. I have access to a higher, better more enlightened part of myself because of you and POS, and I thank G-d each day for you and the opportunity you gifted to me." 

- Sue S.

"When I think about Power of Self, the first word that comes to mind is gratitude. I've grown so much in this last year and I know this program is a big reason for the empowerment I've felt. I'm also proud to be part of this amazing sisterhood of women supporting women and thankful for the new friends that have come into my life." - Ann A.

"I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your generosity and being a part of POS 8. That class remains the most amazing learning experience I have attended.  

Thank you." - Jean H.

"Joining Power of Self is the single most important decision I made for my career. I thought leadership training would be learning about other people and how to lead them, but in Marsha’s program, true growth came from what I learned about myself. I gained confidence, developed leadership strategies, and perhaps most importantly - learned how to use my own power and emotional intelligence to first lead myself and then others. I am eternally grateful for Marsha Clark and her team of associates." 

- Hollis R.

"Module 1 is best described as an eye opening experience. Throughout the 3 days, at every turn, I kept saying "Wow, that is so true!" There were a number of learnings that I carried away and used immediately – Invisible Gender Differences techniques when working with men and women, understanding Extraverts and Introverts, and knowing I needed to give myself more credit for my own capabilities (Imposter Phenomenon). 

My favorite part of this module was realizing I do have power within, and that power comes from many sources." - Kristen B.

"Partnering with Marsha provides the most meaningful and directionally aligning programs for teams/groups and individuals to find the focus and intent for bringing solutions into the team dynamic and solving for progressing business by cultivating a sense of empowerment and refinement. Key outcomes include: authenticity, accountability, cultural awareness, initiative progression, communication enhancement, issue recognition, self-awareness and many others that impact the productivity of teams and individual effectiveness." - Susan T.

"Module 2 was an amazing experience! The training groups (or T-groups) were challenging from start to finish. But it was through that experience that I realized some of the ways I was diminishing my own power just in the way I presented ideas. Hearing honest and direct feedback about what I was saying and how I was saying it was very illuminating. Also, learning and practicing giving difficult feedback to others was immediately helpful on my project.

Understanding the role that misogyny and internalized misogyny play a role in society and the workplace was very impactful to me personally. It gave me a new (and much needed) perspective to consider." - Charlotte W.

"The Power of Self Leadership program is a holistic approach to gain a stronger understanding of our whole selves. PoS provided a place for me to be vulnerable in a safe space and work through my challenges and at the same time celebrate my gifts. The tools I learned in PoS have helped me live my true journey and succeed in all areas of my life. The sisterhood and support that PoS continues to provide is a treasured gift!"

- Priti P.

"Module 3 explored the behaviors that build and break trust, techniques for responding to trust and betrayal in a healthy way, and the strength and empowerment that can come from rebuilding trust to heal from a betrayal. The module was coupled with some invigorating yoga body work.

This module helped me recognize the physical responses that my body experiences when felt betrayed. This has already proven useful when I recently avoided my typical knee-jerk reaction, and instead responded in a calm and constructive way." 

- Orly B.

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