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POS Testimonials
A Program of Opportunity for Women's Exploration and Realization


Power of Self
Past Graduates Impact Survey

December 2018

Prepared by Amy Rojas (POS 16)

Click Here to download the survey.

2018 Video Testimonials

Amanda Bigbee (POS 16) Video Testimonial

Christina Clark (POS 16) Video Testimonial

Padmini Sharma (POS 13) Video Testimonial

Shaunna Black (POS 3) Video Testimonial

Participant of Accenture's Leadership Workshop 2013

"... there was not one moment when we started to yawn or get tired of sitting so long. She captured our engagement from the beginning and our shared discussions were very interesting. It raised my awareness first and foremost in the workplace, but after I went home last night I found myself thinking about my granddaughters and their future. Since they just started a new school year, it was an ideal moment to share some thoughts with them.

And most importantly, the subjects she discussed can immediately be applied to our actions in the workplace. Thank you so much for arranging this Workshop; it was one of the best I've attended in many years!"

Power of Self has gone global! Beginning in January 2013, Marsha is delivering the Power of Self for 25 women at Accenture in Manila, Philippines.

Here is what a few of the participants had to say after the first session:

  • "Marsha is very genuine and credible, she was knowledgeable on the content and overall a great facilitator."
  • "Marsha is very authentic in her style. She is very engaging and interested in how we can maximize our learning."
  • "Marsha inspired me a lot. She shared lots of tools and personal experiences to bring the POS training to life. I couldn't express how much she has touched me."
  • "Well informed, good that she understands our business so feels like the course is tailored to our needs compared to other leadership courses."

POS Class 12 Reunion 2012

Power of Self Reunion - September 2012

The topic was Why Women Matter: The Influence Women Have as Shoppers and in Corporate America

Women today are critical decision-makers in nearly every product purchase decision, giving them tremendous power in the marketplace. They also dominate word-of-mouth marketing; especially in social media, giving them even more influence.

Corporations are beginning to understand the importance of women in developing and marketing products specifically to them. Recent NeuroScience research allows us to understand the importance of building emotional connections with female vs. male shoppers. Women also play critical roles in developing more effective business teams, due to their intrinsic emotional capabilities.

Participant Experience: Kristen Banks

Module 1 is best described as an eye opening experience. Throughout the 3 days, at every turn, I kept saying "Wow, that is so true!" There were a number of learnings that I carried away and used immediately – Invisible Gender Differences techniques when working with men and women, understanding Extraverts and Introverts, and knowing I needed to give myself more credit for my own capabilities (Imposter Phenomenon).

My favorite part of this module was realizing I do have power within, and that power comes from many sources.

Participant Experience: Charlotte Wells

Module 2 was an amazing experience! The training groups (or T-groups) were challenging from start to finish. But it was through that experience that I realized some of the ways I was diminishing my own power just in the way I presented ideas. Hearing honest and direct feedback about what I was saying and how I was saying it was very illuminating. Also, learning and practicing giving difficult feedback to others was immediately helpful on my project.

Understanding the role that misogyny and internalized misogyny play a role in society and the workplace was very impactful to me personally. It gave me a new (and much needed) perspective to consider.

Participant Experience: Orly Bensoussan

Module 3 explored the behaviors that build and break trust, techniques for responding to trust and betrayal in a healthy way, and the strength and empowerment that can come from rebuilding trust to heal from a betrayal. The module was coupled with some invigorating yoga body work.

This module helped me recognize the physical responses that my body experiences when felt betrayed. This has already proven useful when I recently avoided my typical knee-jerk reaction, and instead responded in a calm and constructive way.

Participant Experience: Orly Bensoussan

Module 4 was a deep dive in exploring our leadership style, natural decision-making process and determining where we feel most comfortable and energized. We also expanded our responses to conflict for greater effectiveness.

This was my favorite module as it really shed light on my leadership style . I was able to understand the environments in which I excel, and how I should adjust to environments that are more challenging for my leadership style to be more effective.

Participant Experience: Charlotte Wells

I found the organization simulation in module 5 to be extremely helpful. It was really a perfect illustration of day-to-day project work at Accenture. The new perspective provided by this exercise gave me new insights into challenges on my projects.

The "naming elephants" exercise was also very helpful to learn how to have the difficult conversations in our leadership teams and with our clients to resolve major issues we are not openly discussing.

Participant Experience: Kristen Banks

As soon as I thought I could not learn another ounce, Module 6 started. One of the key take-always for me included the study of cross-cultural differences which is very applicable in Accenture's global delivery network. I learned about the people I now lead in the Philippines. My biggest "ah hah" moment came during StrengthFinders. I realized I was not using my top strengths to the best of my ability and needed to put those in action ASAP for me to succeed in my new role. I executed changes the following Monday that has made a positive impact on my teams and my personal life.

Module 6 brought closure to an amazing program, and a new beginning to a strong network of women leaders for myself and the other Accenture participants.

POS Class 12 Reunion

Class #12 – Anahata XII – continues to meet. Thanks to Marianne Menna for hosting a wonderful event in her home, complete with a check-in (even via emails from Manila). The power of sisterhood and women supporting women!!

POS 12
May 10, 2012

This is not a leadership letter, rather it's a letter on how the Power of Self Course has influenced me and will continue to mold and refine my leadership style.

Coming into the Power of Self Class I defined myself as a "Silent Leader" someone who will step up and manage as needed, but doesn't require or like the public recognition. Strength Finders has labeled me as a Life Line. My leadership skills have been shaped by my values, and importantly my experiences, and I learn from those experiences.

Coming into the POS Class I would have told you I'm "reflective" constantly re-evaluating how things could be better, some call me a perfectionist, but POS has taught to accept and balance what's important with my need to be perfect. I think my leadership style maps nicely to my BrainsStyle, I am a "Deliberator".

While I was looking forward to the class and learning more about myself, I didn't expect any major revelations. I couldn't have been more wrong; from day one it's been an emotional roller coaster and I've had more experiences than I would have ever expected.

I found that what I learned from POS went beyond my professional career. In the very first class, Marsha talked about giving back, which was something I had personally struggled with for years, finding time and not feeling guilty about taking time from my family was my biggest inhibition. Due to POS and my coach, Suzanne, I am now involved with Spirit Horse and looking forward to becoming a trainer working with horses and Autistic children. What's even more satisfying is my husband is also donating his time with me.

I learned that I would rather get a root canal than go through another T Group experience. While learning not to judge or give advice but to listen compassionately to other women's stories, I got my own personal insight. I was told by a un-named member that when I opened up and shared something personal about who I am, the rest of the group found me more approachable and could better connect, a nice way of saying I was a little cold and standoffish. While this may seem intuitive to some, it's not something that comes easy to me, but now I consciously focus on sharing personal information to provide some context of who I am when working with new teams.

I found out I can't walk a balance beam and never want to be a bottom, top or middle, in fact next time I want to be the "customer" (who seem to have all the money and the power)..

I've never been more relaxed then when I took Yoga, and now I'm the proud owner of two CD's that I have yet to listen to but need to and will before the 21st because I committed and promised my coach Suzanne; another POS lesson, the power of public commitment.

There were more than a few painful lessons:

I learned betrayal can come from all sources, including family, and while forgiveness is important, it's okay to draw boundaries and let go. And since family is something I highly value this was the hardest lesson and still the most difficult to reconcile.

I went through some personal challenges in our fourth class and learned the power of women based on the empathy and support of the women around me. This was something personal and hard to share but my Study Group was a tremendous support and rock during that time. My personal lesson, lean on your friends and know when to ask for help.

I anticipate I will revisit and leverage the content from this course for a long time to come, and be a better leader for it. I will purposely seek out and share what I've learned with other women. However, what I truly value is getting to know each and every woman in the class and the sharing of our stories for the last nine months together, those experiences I will always hold close to my heart and is something I hope to carry forward.

Participant, PoS #12, 2011 - 2012

POS Class 7

PoS Class #7, SWARM, got together for a fun evening of re-connecting with lots of laughter and sharing stories.




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