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  Success Stories

"Traveler's Program - Know, Believe, Accelerate - June 27th 2018"

"Marsha Clark supports many influential organizations! Because she is so generous we had the pleasure of joining the National Council of Jewish Women Annual Birthday Luncheon and listened to Erin Brockovich give a dynamic talk. The NCJW is an organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Women supporting women!"

"Alcon's Women's Leadership Excellence program 2016 in Sydney, Australia."

Marsha Clark & Associates is sponsoring the Journey of Hope Golf Tournament on November 9, 2015, at the Cowboys Golf Club. Pictured here with Marsha Clark is former Dallas Cowboy, Preston Pearson, who is this year's celebrity sponsor. This will be the third year that Marsha Clark & Associates has sponsored this event to help raise money for and awareness of the good work that Journey of Hope provides to children and their families who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

"EY's inaugural Power - Presence - Purpose Program. So honored to facilitate this 12-day program over the last several months. A great company investing in powerful, competent, and deserving women!! Leading Women. We Stand as One!!"

"The 2014 Power of Self reunion included several great presentations and activities including fun with paint!"

"Another successful session with Alcon's Women's Leadership Excellence program in Geneva last month. 25 women from 14 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa."

A traditional night of Japanese dining and entertainment with 3 beautiful Geishas and 24 powerful women from Alcon, representing 11 different Asian countries. A great evening with new friends in Tokyo, Japan!

"On October 17, Marsha Clark & Associates held an Organizational Workshop in support of W3P (Worldwide Week of Partnership). A BIG thank you to MK Larson for her partnership in making this event happen!"

Marsha recently delivered a 3-day women's leadership program for Alcon, a Novartis company. Women from 10 Asian countries participated with great feedback and a new network of women supporting women.

Several members of PoS Class #7, SWARM (Strong Women Are Really Magnificent!) enjoyed Susan Stockton's wedding to Duane Tomek ... it was a joyous occasion and a good time was had by all!!

Powerful Women Are…Leadership Dialogues Across Workplace and Study Space

90 people gathered in UTDallas McDermott Suite to dine and network at the event, Powerful Women Are…Leadership Dialogues Across Workplace and Study Space, hosted by the Galerstein Women's Center, Office of Diversity and Community Engagement on November 29th. Key partners for the event included Texas Instruments, Mary Kay, Ericsson and Marsha Clark and Associates. The program was developed as part of the SAWS Initiative (Support and Advancement of Women in STEM).

14 pairs of mothers and daughters attended the Hardy Girls Healthy Women Mother-Daughter workshop on June 10. It was a great success and we are looking forward to collaborating with Hardy Girls Healthy Women in the future. Thank you to Lyn Mikel Brown and her team!

The evening began with introductions and facilitated dinner dialogue by the women of TI, on developing individual leadership skills, mentors, role models, road blocks and successes. Participants commented that the dialogue was relevant to their professional and personal goals.

The second part of the evening was led by Marsha Clark, a leadership development and executive coach consultant. The interactive presentation combined students, staff and faculty from UT Dallas with industry professionals for an opportunity to explore their feelings about power, what it means to be powerful, and develop insights into their power sources. The focus was on our 'inside-out' power, power within -- compared to 'power over' or even 'power with.' The session was highly interactive and allowed women to share information, opening up new possibilities around optimizing their power. The key learning points were:

  • Discovering your underlying beliefs about powerful men and women as well as powerless men and women and to explore the differences

  • Discovering the many sources of power available to us -- from our own experiences as well as those of other women

  • Learn about diversity initiatives at UT Dallas

  • Share best practice strategies for your women's organization

This event was the first of a three-part series, including topics such as Women Don't Ask-How We Give Away Our Power and Invisible Differences. The next workshop is slated for March 21, 2013. Please contact the GWC at 972-883-6557 or womenscenter@utdallas.edu for more information.

What a few of the participants had to say about the workshop:

  • "One of the best sessions we have had -- can't wait for her 'mini-series'!"

  • "Marsha is awesome! Experienced, engaging; thoroughly enjoyed her presentation!"

The teachers of The Hill School of Grapevine and The Crown of Life Lutheran School partnered with MC&A and Hardy Girls Healthy Women on November 6, 2012 for a Parent Education Session, covering topics of Body Image and Stereotypes. Pictured from left to right: LeeAnn Mallory - The Rise Partners, Kathy Edwards - principal of Hill School of Grapevine, Dr. Andra Barton - principal of Crown of Life Lutheran School, Marsha Clark - Owner at Marsha Clark & Associates and Megan Williams - President of Hardy Girls Healthy Women.

The teachers of The Hill School of Grapevine and The Crown of Life Lutheran School partnered with MC&A and Hardy Girls Healthy Women on October 3, 2012 for a Parent Education Session, covering topics of media literacy and cultivating hardiness zones for girls.

Power of Self Reunion - September 2012

The topic was Why Women Matter: The Influence Women Have as Shoppers and in Corporate America

Women today are critical decision-makers in nearly every product purchase decision, giving them tremendous power in the marketplace. They also dominate word-of-mouth marketing; especially in social media, giving them even more influence.

Corporations are beginning to understand the importance of women in developing and marketing products specifically to them. Recent NeuroScience research allows us to understand the importance of building emotional connections with female vs. male shoppers. Women also play critical roles in developing more effective business teams, due to their intrinsic emotional capabilities.

This Spring's graduates of the Family Place Transition Program - from the shelter to their own homes . MC&A sponsored this year's class of women who have taken 'one step at a time' to get themselves and their children out of abusive households, learned new skills, gotten jobs enabling greater self-sufficiency, and are starting a new life for their families. Beautiful women, courageous women, inspiring women!! Thanks to all who donated support!!

Marsha Clark & Associates supports Hardy Girls, Healthy Women – with plans to bring their programs to North Texas. Click here for information on the HGHW Summer Institute.

Teressa Griffin, Anne Litwin, Marsha Clark and Mary Lou Michael - coaches at Power & System's Power Lab, Cape Cod - April 2012.

Brent Clark of Marsha Clark & Associates participates in a panel at the men's showing of Miss Representation. Feedback from the event host and panel moderator, Dirk Velten, described Brent's contributions as "well spoken, from the heart and stood clearly as an ally to women." February 26, 2012.

Marsha Clark & Associates partners with Accenture to bring Anne Doyle to Dallas
Left to right: Ann Dyer, Thear Sy, Anne Doyle, Meridith Fee, Marsha Clark, Mary Hill

Marsha co-facilitating with Peter Block and Peter Koestenbaum at the Final Word Seminar - by invitation only - Dallas, Texas, November 4-5, 2011


"It's exciting to share these comments and testimonials with you. These are provided by true Power of Self participants, alumni from multiple graduating years. I could describe how wonderful I think the programs are, AND it is much more powerful coming from the participants who have lived this learning experience. Enjoy!!!!"

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The program is just the beginning to knowing your potential. Once you open yourself to that, there's endless potential for how you can grow. The potential the program unlocked for me is tremendous.

Sowmya Hariharan
Graduate of Power of Self 18

Dear Marsha

I want to say a big 'thank you' to you for everything that you taught us during the Women's Leadership Experience 1 in Geneva last week. I knew that the course was good, as I had heard about it from a woman whose opinion I trust. Even though I was mentally prepared to find the course excellent ... I was still pleasantly surprised and blown away by how amazing you are.

I think you are a truly superb speaker and very knowledgeable about your subject. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much!

Thank you for what you do for women.

-Legal Counsel, Alcon United Kingdom

Hi Marsha -

At the airport on my way home from the board meeting and wanted to send you a quick note.

Short story? I nailed it!!! The head of the board (#2 guy at Vista) said I did a 'very good job' of coming to speed on the business, identifying the issues, and putting a plan in place. He doesn't give a ton of compliments so this is a big deal! I definitely was the most prepared from my peers and our CTO afterwards told me it was perfect in terms of the balance of confidence and humility as well as level of detail.

I'm so happy - and relieved! We're off to Mexico on Thursday to celebrate our anniversary- and then it's time to start working on getting some points scored to present at the 4q BoD meeting!

Thanks for all of your coaching and advice!

Michelle, General Manager, CRM Solutions

I've had the opportunity to benefit from Marsha's insight, wisdom and support as an individual coaching client, a workshop participant, and the recipient of her generous mentoring in my own work. I've also had the chance to observe her interactions with colleagues and many of my clients.

Marsha has a remarkable ability to listen fully, then clarify issues and situations. Her questions never fail to generate new perspectives, options, and sometimes even better questions. She is consistently constructive in her suggestions, and always manages to expand my sense of what is possible. At the same time, she challenges me to rise to her expectations of my capabilities, even when I'm not so sure!

She is both compassionate and direct in the best sense - I've never seen her be anything but authentic and constructive in any of her relationships. She embodies a rare combination of intelligence and down-to-earth common sense, essential to productive work and growth.

Marsha readily shares resources, fosters connections, and encourages others to do the same. She extends a genuine acceptance and sense of connection that draws people together and inspires community and synergy in any group. She is a role model for me for her outstanding work ethic, her great business and people sense, her facilitation skills, her commitment to supporting other women, the genuine pleasure she takes in others' success, her commitment to her family, and her unfailing strength through adversity.

If you have the chance to work with Marsha, do it!

Ruth Sheehan
Lifework Directions, LLC
January 2012

I wanted to thank Marsha for so quickly helping me clarify my work goals. I can already tell I am starting to interpret and verbalize feedback more effectively and feel more in control.

Coaching Client, 2011-2012

Power of Self


Like Dorothy from "Wizard of Oz", you show many women the way home. Thank you for catching the edge of my mouth and yanking it into a smile.

-Lisa Harper Wood

SMU - Building Leadership Competencies

Mrs. Clark –

On behalf of our class, I would like to thank you for your time and wisdom for last night's BLC seminar. We especially liked your thoughts on the importance of trust in courageous conversations, and we look forward to your next seminar.

Best Regards,

Blake Wilburn
On behalf of our Entire BLC Class

Speaking Engagements

Dear Marsha Clark and Associates,

On behalf of the steering committee of the Power of a Healthy Woman, we say thank you for your sponsorship of this event. Our attendees appreciate the great speakers whose knowledge and expertise enlighten and challenge each of us to live healthier lives. This event would not be possible without your support- we are grateful for your partnerships and trust.


Nancy DiMarco

Tower Club - Young Professionals Program

Marsha –

I didn't get a chance to meet with you before I left the Tower Club. Your [Young Professionals] group was the only reason I had such a hard time leaving. I can't express in words how meaningful your sessions were. I think of you as a true female mentor-which is so hard to find. You helped me discover myself. I have left [my current job] and am now President of conquest eDiscovery in Addison. I wouldn't be here without you. This has been an exciting, yet terrifying transition! I hope that our paths will cross again soon. Thank You!!

Kat Meyer

SMU - Building Leadership Competencies

Dear Marsha,                     February 9, 2011

Congratulations on earning your 6th TEA presenting the BLC seminar Courageous Team Conversation Tuesday, February 8 to our Cox MBA students. Students enjoyed the applicable tools you presented as well as your great knowledge about the topics. The BLC appreciates the time and effort that you invest to enhance the Cox experience for our graduate students.



Leading EVERYday: Discovering the Possibilities

I have to say, this has been the best class yet. Marsha Clark is wonderful and did an outstanding job of teaching, mentoring and giving the class pearls of wisdom from her experience. I am truly inspired. - DFW Leader, Sabre Holdings

Marsha is a great facilitator and has a strong command of the material. Because she's been both on the customer side and the account management side, she understands the "real" world and what you have to deal with. - DFW Leader, Sabre Holdings

Marsha Clark…Your methods are invaluable, and one can only tell it takes genuine interest and unique talent to command a class room with zest and enthusiasm, especially when dealing with so many people who wear several hats with this organization. - San Antonio Leader, Sabre Holdings

This was the BEST leadership course I have taken in my 20+ years at Sabre, the content was relevant and the instructor engaging. I have already recommended the course to my co-workers and am anxiously looking forward to the next Marsha Clark course! - DFW Leader, Sabre Holdings

Marsha did a very good job, thanks to her methodology and her background, which is obviously an asset for her to understand our business and adapt the content of the training to our specific requirements. - Paris, France Leader, Sabre Holdings

Marsha was amazing. She was able to involve everybody in the LARGE group of around 20 attendees, which is very difficult and there was not a boring minute. GREAT JOB and VERY PROFESSIONAL!!! - Hamburg, Germany Leader, Sabre Holdings

She was amazing, was very energetic, knowledgeable, gave us the air time we needed, did an amazing job to control the type of audience she had, most of us are usually very brutal. Her experience as a leader was well shared. -Bahrain Leader

"Your seminar was incredible and I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to speak with me after the program. Not only am I fascinated by organizational leadership, I am truly inspired by your work and your approach to conversation and change. Thank you for a wonderful experience." – MBA Student, SMU 2013

"I thought you would want to read the email I received today... These milestones make me reflect on how far I've come and how many people propelled me on this journey! Thank you for the work you do - for all the women you have touched to help them find their power and realize their potential! I am blessed to have met you and grateful for your coaching! Wouldn't be here without you and your program! I'm hearing that some big moves may be in my future!" – Senior Executive, Fortune 50 Company

"Great presentation!! So much good advice for career success. Event was just what I needed!" – Student, Women Don't Ask Seminar, UT Dallas

"looking forward to seeing more lectures and workshops like this! I'd like to build on the knowledge I gained in this lecture." – Student, Women Don't Ask Seminar, UT Dallas

"I tuned in for the Savvy Women Teleconference on May 29th and was pleased that I did.

Hearing your voice and what you said was meaningful for me. I am still remembering being on the receiving end of your Texas-style hugs and hope that you are happy and doing well.

I was reviewing my notes from the teleconference and thinking of what you said about owning our own greatness and not playing small in the world.

Although its been years now since I've seen you, you are still a bright light and inspiration to me."
— Ginger Ward-Green

Thank you for an enlightening and practical experience. Your passion for your work shows in your delivery and I enjoyed seeing you use a variety of tools to help us grow, coach and keep us on track.

What I most appreciate is your sharing your personal experiences. They are valuable parts of your history and, now I'll remember the lessons when I face my own issues. I appreciate it.
— WLX1 Participant, Alcon Americas.

"The Power of Self program changed my entire outlook on my career, and I realized I could be operating at a much higher level than I was at the time I began the program. The Power of Self program launched my career into a different stratosphere. During this year of deep learning, I developed a strong desire of becoming a great leader, and then I began to execute my plan immediately. In the last 2 years, I have taken on several very large, senior roles that prior to the program, I would not have even considered. And I continue to use what I learned in the program to make a positive impact as a leader in my company. This program applies to all women in leadership - whether the role is global in nature or local. The tools you learn in POS apply to all levels of leadership." — Kristen Banks, PoS Alum

"During my time in the Navy, I have had difficult conversations up and down the chain of command. Learning and applying the skills, especially from a most recent BLC seminar — Courageous Team Conversations — would have made those conversations a bit smoother and helped me to more effectively address those situations."



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