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We offer a variety of programs, from intimate, all-female dialogue sessions focused on unique topics to full-blown corporate workshops open to everyone on the team.

MCA Program for Women
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women's programs
co-ed programs
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  Programs for Women
Programs designed by women for women intended to optimize learning in an all female group
  • Women generally learn best in relationship with one another.

Power of Self

Module 1:  Seeds of POWER: The Journey Begins
Module 2: Self Awareness & Perceptions
Module 3:Building & Sustaining Trust
Module 4:Decision Making and Group Dynamics
Module 5:The Possibilities of Organizations
Module 6:Emerging Greatness: The Journey Continues

Workshops (wo=women only)

Fee Schedules

  • Women ask more questions and, therefore, learn more when there are only women in the group.


  • Women often feel alone and isolated in their organizations. Having a chance to talk with other women who have similar challenges, issues, and opportunities gives them greater confidence in addressing such challenges and issues, knowing they are not alone.

  • Women often don’t like working with or for one another because there is an air of unspoken competition. As women get to know one another beyond the surface level, they work more effectively together and have a tendency to support one another for more effective individual and overall performance.

  • Women often don’t have clarity about what they want for themselves and, therefore, don’t ask for what they want. If they do, they have difficulty holding their boundaries in an effort to please everyone around them. They often resent what happens to them and don’t understand the role they are playing in their own lives. Programs of self-awareness, understanding, choice, action, and reflection can generate enormous improvements in effectiveness and achieving desired results.
Co-Ed Programs at Marsha Clark & Associates
  Co-ED Programs
Programs designed to optimize learning
  • Raising AWARENESS by identifying blind spots and gaining greater self awareness. The Center for Creative Leadership indicates that one of the primary derailers in leadership effectiveness is the lack of self-awareness. Learning must start with enhancing how we see ourselves through the eyes of others.


Workshops (co=co-ED)

Fee Schedules

  • Engaging through dialogue, exercises, and thoughtful conversations participants will deepen their UNDERSTANDING about their blind spots. New tools will be offered and new skills will be developed with a particular emphasis on building and enriching one’s leadership tool kit.



  • Leading to greater CHOICES. More tools creates more options. Time is spent understanding the many variables and nuances that must be considered to know what tool to use when.

  • Taking ACTION deploying the tools and skills that are learned that will lead to one’s desired outcomes with greater clarity, courage and confidence that are delivered at the right time.

  • Pausing to REFLECT – what worked, what didn’t work and what might be done differently the next time. Without this important reflection step in the process, one’s full learning opportunity is sub-optimized.

MC&A Programs designed to optimize learning!

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