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Power of Self - Women's Exploration & Realization Program
Power of Self
  The POWER of Self Program (aka "POS")
A Program of Opportunity for Women's Exploration and Realization

Marsha Clark & Associates offers these opportunities and more in The POWER of Self Program, a unique learning experience designed to inspire and strengthen women leaders.

The POWER of Self Program is a year-long training program, enhanced by individual coaching, that offers women greater clarity and a strategic framework for making deliberate choices in all dimensions of their lives. At the conclusion
of the program, participants report substantial growth in their ability to:

Provide confident leadership

Gain clarity and self awareness

Create more effective working relationships

Optimize performance in organizational systems

Develop greater trust in supporting and mentoring women

Become a powerful resource for shared learning in their organization

The POWER of Self Program Modules—six in all—take a whole-systems approach that one participant described as “leadership development with a heart.” Working from the inside out, the modules offer an extended learning experience in which to develop the three levels of leadership skills: 
Individual, Group and Organizational.


The training focuses first on individual power and offers the opportunity to appreciate one’s own unique qualities. Participants develop a common language with which to speak about their differences and create a safe environment to explore behaviors and beliefs about power.  Each participant has the opportunity to gain valuable insights into her own views of authentic leadership.


Individual work continues, but the focus shifts to the development of groups and teams. Participants begin creating a genuine community of women supporting women as they explore issues of inclusion, control, and openness, trust and betrayal, and “feminine” and “masculine” approaches to conflict, competition, risk and influence.


Participants now learn to think systemically, experiencing the four roles of organizational life—“Top, Middle, Bottom and Customer”—that affect all leaders’ choices.  Participants explore the dynamics of diversity and strategize ways to build powerful partnerships across organizational lines. 

Module 1::Seeds of POWER: The Journey Begins
Module 2::Self Awareness & Perceptions
Module 3::Building & Sustaining Trust
Module 4::Decision Making and Group Dynamics
Module 5::The Possibilities of Organizations
Module 6::Emerging Greatness: The Journey Continues


Professional coaches will begin working with individual participants to help each woman develop a Learning Contract to focus her professional goals for the duration of the training. Then, throughout The Power of Self Program, coaches will provide one-on-one support as she applies each module’s content to the goals of her Learning Contract. To ensure sustainable change, coaches will continue to work with each woman for three months after the formal training ends.



♦  19 days of residential module learning, following a Thursday – Saturday schedule

♦   Coaching sessions will be arranged on an individual basis between participants and their coaches


Module 1: Seeds of Power: The Journey Begins October 10 - 12, 2019
Module 2: Self Awareness and Perceptions November 20 - 23, 2019
Module 3: Building and Sustaining Trust January 16 - 18, 2020
Module 4: Decision Making and Group Dynamics February 20 - 22, 2020
Module 5: The Possibilities of Organizations April 16 - 18, 2020
Module 6: Emerging Greatness:The Journey Continues May 14 - 16, 2020
Individualized Follow-up Coaching October 2019 - September 2020
Sponsors Workshop November 1, 2019


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For further information about
The Power of Self Program,
call 972-625-3884 or email us at info@marshaclarkandassociates.com

4631 Pine Valley Drive
Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 625-3884




  • Responding authentically to leadership challenges 
  • Capitalizing on your unique leadership strengths as a woman
  • Integrating your personal and professional choices to create a healthy lifestyle
  • Discovering women allies to support your growth


The POWER of Self Program
Module Descriptions

Module 1 (Individual Level)
Seeds of Power: The Journey Begins

♦  Examine beliefs about women and power
♦  Gain a deeper understanding of how diversity, personalities, behaviors and values can affect personal and professional performance
♦  Develop your personal vision – aligned with your values
♦  Explore your experiences of feeling like an impostor as a leader in your organization
♦  Explore your ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ attributes of leadership

Module 2  (Individual & Interpersonal Levels)
Self Awareness and Perceptions

♦  See yourself as others see you while giving and receiving feedback in a small group setting
♦  Increase your awareness of issues affecting women in groups/organizations: self-image, good girl/bad girl behaviors, mother-daughter-sister relationships, and opportunities based on societal norms and personal choices
♦  Enhance your awareness of how being a woman affects your participation in groups
♦  Increase your ability to build powerful partnerships with other women in both your personal and professional lives

Module 3 (Interpersonal & Group Levels)
Building & Sustaining Trust

♦  Discover how trust and betrayal impact your personal power
♦  Learn techniques for responding to trust and betrayal in a healthy way that honors both your relationships and your  working environment
♦  Learn how to set and maintain boundaries
♦  Experience how healing from betrayal offers strength and greater competence in group interaction

Module 4  (Group Level)
Decision Making and Group Dynamics

♦  Explore your leadership style in three critical elements of group development— inclusion, control and openness—and determine where you feel most comfortable and energized
♦  Discover your natural decision-making process by discovering your BrainStyle®
♦  Examine and expand your responses to conflict for greater effectiveness

Module 5 (Organizational Level)
The Possibilities of Organizations

♦  Examine the impact of competition, explore how women negotiate, and learn how to be a more effective negotiator
♦  Experience the four roles of organizational life—“Top, Middle, Bottom and Customer”—that affect all your choices as a leader
♦  Gain greater insight about how multiple generations in organizations affect your leadership style
♦  Learn how to have courageous group conversations and a process for discussing the undiscussables
♦  Enhance your awareness about the role that organizational culture plays in your leadership effectiveness

Module 6 (Global Level)
Emerging Greatness:  The Journey Continues

♦  Learn more about cross-cultural communications and enhance your global leadership skills
♦  Explore the roles that women will play on the global stage in the years to come
♦  Experience the freedom and accountability that come with being a powerful leader
♦  Come back to your vision and develop your statement of leadership, serving yourself, your    group, and your organization

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