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Marsha's Reflections


The POWER of Self Story
Women's leadership program going strong for 16 years

Sixteen years ago, Marsha Clark launched The POWER of Self, a leadership program for women. She was inspired by three pivotal experiences: rising to the position of corporate officer at a major corporation, earning her masters of science in organizational development, and attending Power Lab, a week-long experiential learning simulation.

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T E L E S U M M I T  
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Empowering women, like you, to own your value and make a difference!

Marsha Clark is interviewed by Pamela Reyes, founder of Savvy Women by Design, at the recent SavvyWomenConnect Telesummit 2014.

Listen to the entire interview HERE.

Ask Ajna
Love, Truth, And An Extraordinary Legacy - Marsha Clark

"Ask Ajna welcomes our first guest blogger, Marsha Clark, owner of Marsha Clark and Associates. Marsha is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary legacy. She has inspired thousands of women and is the inspiration for Ask Ajna. In her own words, here is the legacy Marsha Clark wants to leave:

May the love that I've shared,
The truth that I've told,
May the work that I've done,
Speak for me.

Read the entire blog HERE.

4word women
Women in Leadership: The Three Greatest Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

"Women as leaders in the workplace- it's one of our favorite topics at 4word! We believe in you, and the unique talents that God has gifted you with. You can absolutely impact the kingdom through your chosen profession! This week we spoke with Marsha Clark, of Marsha Clark and Associates, a training and consulting firm in Frisco, TX. Marsha has dedicated much of her career to helping women succeed. We think you will find her advice about women in leadership helpful and inspiring.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

"Sometimes you can win over opponents by making them part of your team or giving them a stake in the system. You might be surprised at how thoroughly you can redirect their energies. Some years ago a group of women faculty members, staffers, and students at the University of Illinois began pressuring the school because women there were paid less than men in comparable jobs and with similar skills. The administration's response was brilliant: It established a Committee on the Status of Women, gave the committee some stationary, a budget, and a modest amount of office space – legitimacy and a few resources – and told it to study the facts and offer recommendations. This effectively co-opted the opposition, making its members feel they were part of the university, not outsiders. As their estrangement diminished, so did the stridency of their demands; soon they were almost as concerned about the committee's budget for the following year as they were about the status of female employees on campus." – Jeffrey Pfeffer, Power Play

"The above excerpt from Jeffrey Pfeffer's Harvard Business Review Article, Power Play, provides a disturbing example of what too commonly happens to women who seek increased power and influence: they are co-opted. Whether it is that women are co-opted through women's initiatives or that the initiatives are given too few resources to begin with, power and organizational dynamics have a determining impact on the advancement of women in law." [And I would suggest women in general – MC]

I don't know about you - this excerpt sickens me, especially the declaration that 'The administration's response was brilliant...'. Are we really that naive and gullible? I hope not. I share it as merely a 'danger, danger' signal. This article wasn't written so long ago that it is no longer relevant (written in 2010). I'd love to hear your reaction to his message offered in this article.


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