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Rita Bailey
When asked what kind of business she's in, the answer is, "The People Business."

Advisor :: As the Founder of QVF Partners, Ltd. her company establishes relationships with organizations and individuals who are committed to creating People focused cultures. She shares expertise and resources to help develop workplace environments where people enthusiastically work together to drive organizational success.

Author ::  Rita is co-author of Destination Profit — Creating People-Profit Opportunities in Your Organization. She has been quoted in several business magazines, newspapers and interviewed on a host of radio programs on topics of developing people oriented cultures that engage employees and connect them to the business. She is currently co-authoring a book about People who are "Up to Something", which is due to be published later this year.

Leader  ::  Having served in several leadership roles during her 25 year career with Southwest Airlines, Rita knows what it takes to inspire people to perform from commitment, pride and personal accountability.


She served as past Chair for ASTD (American Society of Training and Development) and currently serves on advisory boards and committees for various industries including healthcare and technology.

Speaker /Advisor /Facilitator :: She travels worldwide, sharing a passionate message of encouragement for organizations and individuals who want to transition or transform their cultures. She not only tells you "what" but also provides the "how to" for people-profit results.

She is a faculty contributor at SMU, Cox School of Business in Dallas, Texas, where she designs and facilitates Customized Executive Leadership.

Rita Bailey
QVF Partners, Ltd. .
( 972) 416-8644

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