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Laura Atterstrom


20 year as a Licensed Profession Counselor.


With over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Laura Atterstrom excels in thinking systemically as she operates as an independent provider for counseling, coaching, training and facilitation for individuals, families, teams and organizations. Laura has hands on corporate knowledge from her early employment in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry with Pfizer and Bristol Myers.

Laura’s strengths include advanced assessment skills to identify ineffective patterns of behavior/communication/relational dynamics and the ability to discover inhibitors to change. With integrity and authenticity, she builds trust with her clients to prompt difficult conversations while teaching effective communication and conflict management skills. She encourages problem-solving techniques that are result based and she focuses on the building of capabilities so outcomes are sustained over time. Laura is effective in promoting adaptability and flexibility by prompting forward thinking and focusing on self-awareness and self-management.


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