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Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown
Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed.D. is a mom, professor, and community activist.

Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed.D. is a mom, professor, and community activist. Her work on girls' social and psychological development has consistently broken new ground and challenged old perceptions. She is the co-author, with Carol Gilligan, of Meeting at the Crossroads: Women's Psychology and Girls' Development, a 1992 New York Times Notable Book of the Year that helped spark an international debate about the lives of girls and redefine our understanding of female development. Dr. Brown has written three other acclaimed books on girls' social and psychological development: Raising Their Voices: The Politics of Girls' Anger; Girlfighting: Betrayal and Rejection Among Girls; Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters From Marketer's Schemes (with Sharon Lamb; 2006 winner of a Books For A Better Life Award); and most recently Packaging Boyhood: Saving Our Sons from Superheroes, Slackers, and Other Media Stereotypes (with Sharon Lamb and Mark Tappan).



Dr. Brown received her doctorate from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology and was a founding member of the Harvard Project on Women's Psychology and Girls' Development. She is Professor of Education and Human Development at Colby College in Maine and co-creator of the nonprofit Hardy Girls Healthy Women (www.hghw.org), where she works with communities to support girls' healthy development and education. Her curricular materials are helping to address concerns about girlfighting and biased-based harassment in schools across the nation.


Dr. Brown has been a recipient of the Maine Women's Fund Sarah Orne Jewett Award, an American Association of University Women Educational Foundation Scholar-in-Residence Award, and a winner of a National Academy of Education Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship for encouraging healthy resistance in girls. She was a member of The American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Adolescent Girls, and is the Public Interest Chair for APA Division 35, Society for the Psychology of Women.

Dr. Brown lives in Waterville, Maine with her partner Dr. Mark Tappan and their daughter, Maya.

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