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Cristina has a passion for helping organizations establish vibrant workplace cultures through leadership development and coaching.


Cristina Filippo, Ph.D., M.Ed. is Co-Founder and CEO at IMPACT Consulting, an organizational development firm who has a passion for helping organizations establish vibrant workplace cultures through leadership development and coaching.

She works both regionally and nationally with a wide range of industries including the financial, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, educational, entertainment and retail sectors. Most recently, she spoke at the Zappo's Downtown Project during Catalyst Week, a gathering of national changemakers, on working creatively with teams.

Cristina obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma in 2003 with a research emphasis on masculinity/femininity and work/family balance. She completed her residency at the OU Health Sciences Center with rotations in both Clinical Psychology and Administrative Management/ Consulting. During her post-doctoral fellowship she established numerous women's programs such as Student Support Groups, the Women's Leadership Lunch and Learn Series, and the De-Stress Festival, now the largest, most well-attended event on campus.

Throughout her career, Cristina has gravitated towards partnering with women to make them as successful as possible. She began her consulting career working alongside small female-owned startup businesses in the Midwest, she established a female-owned business herself, is a graduate of Marsha Clarke's Power of Self Women's Leadership Program, a member of the Society of Women in Psychology and a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners. She also works on an ongoing basis by selecting, developing and coaching female leaders at every level within organizations.

Cristina finds great joy and inspiration in being able to develop deep relationships within organizations providing services such as cultural assessments, developing core ideology, strategic planning, executive team functioning, leadership assessments, and leadership coaching. She is also an adjunct professor for OUHSC College of Pharmacy's Leadership Institute, a curriculum she helped design and continues to deliver.


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