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Denise Kirkman Photo


Denise has significant experience coaching senior leadership in multi-national organizations.


Denise is passionate in her belief that everything you need to be successful already lies within. She believes her gift is helping people unleash their inner potential through self-awareness. Denise has spent her career helping clients solve problems and improve performance by transforming its systems and people. After many accomplished years in IT Systems development, Denise works with senior leadership in her firm as a certified Clifton Strengthsfinder coach to help leaders maximize their performance by focusing not on what their deficiencies are but by focusing on that which comes natural to them and has made them successful thus far. She is focused as a professional coach to support leaders in maximizing their potential and becoming the best that they can be.

An Integral Coaching of Canada certified Associate coach and International Coaching Federation (ICF) - trained, Denise has significant experience coaching senior leadership in multi-national organizations. In her last role, Denise developed a coaching program to connect high performing leadership development candidates with alumni of the program to ensure continued development and support after the training was over.

In most of her roles, Denise has held responsibility for or participated in the mentoring and coaching of individuals seeking to improve their performance or that of their teams. She believes wholeheartedly that many average performers have the potential to become great if only shown how to identify, recognize and strategically employ their own unique strengths. Additionally, as a result of her Integral Coaching training, Denise follows a coaching philosophy that seeks to examine the whole human, in service of effecting lasting and impactful change. Denise recently founded The Sentient Group LLC, an executive coaching firm providing coaching and leadership development services for individuals and organizations.

Denise has been trained in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and is a Certified CliftonStrengths Finder practitioner. She has also facilitated leadership development programs and conducted multiple sessions on management and career development.

Denise has a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from The University of Detroit-Mercy in Detroit, Michigan and a Masters of Science in Organizational Development from American University in Washington, DC. She is also the mother of an talented and precocious nine year old daughter who keeps her on her toes and reminds her every day of the power we possess to create the lives we want to live.


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