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Dale Clark Scholarship
Advancement of Women


                   Welcome to Marsha Clark & Associates 
                                        Inspiring men and women to explore, discover and fulfill their potential as outstanding leaders 


Marsha Clark & Associates is a training and consulting firm based in Frisco, Texas. Dedicated to inspiring professionally-minded men and women across the globe, we offer comprehensive leadership and executive development programs, plus workshops, individual courses and individual coaching services.

What differentiates Marsha Clark is the combination of executive level line and staff experience, as well as a Masters of Science in Organizational Development. What differentiates her offerings is the mixture and balance between classroom instructions, coaching, exercises, assessments and tools delivered by a team of experts.

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  • To do purposeful work.
  • To be a continuous and agile learner.
  • To work with the highest ethics and integrity.
  • To honor and respect who my clients are, what my clients
    have done, and where my clients have been.
  • To help my clients discover where they are going, with compassion and support.
  • To give the best I have to offer to serve the needs of my
  • To expect the same from my clients.

Power programs
Marsha's programs are not for the faint of heart -
The design and delivery takes people to a deeper place than
more traditional leadership training.

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"Thank you for considering a partnership with Marsha Clark & Associates – a
partnership that reflects being mutually committed to whatever process we’re in…
and being committed to each other."    ------ Marsha Clark